The Heart of the Ark App

The Heart of the Ark app was designed to help you experience animals from symbolic and totemic, or relational, perspectives.

The app consists of an interactive digital deck of “Ark Cards,” each depicting an animal and a summary of its natural history and symbolism, as well as totemically inspired suggestions for applying that animal’s symbolism to your life. The cards can be used for the following:

• To explore ourselves and our lives by approaching animals as guides and teachers
• To explore the potential meaning of animal encounters in the physical world, as well as in dreams, visions, meditation, and creativity
• As an animal symbolism dictionary
• As an idea generator or tool for creativity

The app also includes a “Field Journal” that you can use to record animal encounters. After you record a particular animal encounter, you can import information from the Ark Cards into your journal entry.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
Requires iPhone OS 4.0 and iPad OS 3.2
Optimized for iPhone OS4 and iPad

About the Author/App Developer: Belinda Recio is the recipient of the 2004 United States Humane Society’s Award for “Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society.” She received this award for developing the graduate-level education course, “Symbolism and Spirit of the Animal Kingdom.”