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New iOS App Inspired by Our Connection to Animals

Hamilton, MA – True North Productions just announced the release of its new Apple iOS app, Heart of the Ark™.

The app consists of an interactive digital deck of “Ark Cards,” a Field Journal, and an E-Booklet. The text side of each card presents a summary of a particular animal’s natural history and symbolism, as well as insightful suggestions for applying that animal’s symbolism to your life. A digital collage is presented on the illustration side.

According to Belinda Recio, the developer and creative Director at True North Productions, the app was inspired by humankind’s connection to animals. “For thousands of years animals roamed through our fantasies and dreams, and inspired our arts and traditions. Animals were not just sources of food and clothing. They were gods, spirit guides, teachers, and kin,” Recio explains. “Animals have always helped us to understand ourselves and the world. Heart of the Ark was created to help us reconnect with the lessons that animals have taught us.”

Featuring an elegantly designed user interface, Heart of the Ark can be used to explore ourselves and our lives by approaching animals as guides and teachers
; and to explore the potential meaning of animal encounters in the physical world, as well as in dreams, visions, meditation, and creativity
. It can also be used as animal symbolism reference dictionary
 and as an idea generator or tool for creativity.

Prior to getting involved in app development, the app developer, Belinda Recio, worked as an instructional designer and curriculum developer for The Discovery Channel, Nature Company, Boston’s Museum of Science, and other organizations.  In 2004, Recio was the recipient of the 2004 United States Humane Society’s Award for “Innovation in the Study of Animals and Society” for developing the graduate-level education course, “Symbolism and Spirit of the Animal Kingdom.”  To support animal welfare, True North Productions is donating 5% of proceeds to the Humane Society of the United States.

Recio is also the contributing editor of nature content for Organic Spa Magazine, as well as their columnist for “State of the Ark,” a series focused on the human-animal relationship.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Requires iPhone OS 4.0 and iPad OS 3.2

Optimized for iPhone OS4 and iPad


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